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The Thomas Kearns McCarthey Gallery is one of the foremost dealers in the United States dealing with Russian Impressionistic art.  The Gallery maintains an extensive inventory of collectible works by Russia's most respected artists during the period of 1930 to 1980.  The Gallery carefully selects paintings that are historically significant, original in composition, interesting in form and beautiful in their depiction of the human spirit.  We have been working in Russia for many years and have developed close personal relationships with many of the artists and their families.  Together with our associated gallery in Russia, Dacha Art, and our Russian partners, we maintain extremely close ties with the arts community in Russia and the former Soviet republics.  In addition to our Russian specialization, the TKM Gallery is proud to work with talented artists from other countries who have the spirit of the Russian art.

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October Silent Auction

2448Sergei Alexeyevich Grigoriev, "New Bicycle"
53½'' x 39'', 1955, Oil on Canvas
Estimate $4,000- 5,000, Current Bid, $1,750, N. Nero

Congratulations to both S. Griffin and K Vasquez who placed the winning bids for our two September auction works, Day at the Sea by Y.K. Bogatyrenko sold for $1,000 estimated at $3,000- $4,000 and "The Lilacs the Spring Rain" by Victor N. Butko, sold at $3,250, estimated at $6,000- $7,000.

As our October silent auction choice we are pleased to present a large, famous and much loved Soviet painting, "New Bicycle", by Sergei Alekseevich Grigoriev. One of the leading Ukrainian painters of the Soviet period. The painting is a charming piece that celebrates the Russian countryside with an almost universal theme of a young boy with a new bicycle.  The current high bid is just $1,750. The next bid is $2,000 followed by minimum bidding increments of $250.

Sergei A. Grigoriev was the awarded the title of  'People's Artist of the USSR' in 1974. This award was the most prestigious honor bestowed by the Soviet Union for exceptional artistic achievements. Its recipients include many of the most-acclaimed composers, dancers, singers, film and theatre directors and actors of the time. In all, for all of the categories, there were only 1,010 recipients of the award during the period of the Soviet Union. It signified the greatest accomplishment and highest recognition for Soviet artists.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to add a great work by a highly acclaimed artist to your collection!

We invite you to participate in this month's auction and thank everyone who placed bids last month. Please note that you may place a maximum bid and the Gallery will bid on your behalf up to your maximum. By placing a maximum bid you will be assured you are not out bid at the last minute. Bids will be taken via telephone, fax, or e-mail until the auction ends at 6:00 pm, Friday October 31st. Follow all the bidding updates on the Gallery's web site.

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Sergei A. Grigoriev was best known as a painter of everyday-life genre subjects late 1940's through the 1950's. His works are included in many museums including the Kiev Museum of Ukrainian Art and The Tretyakov Gallery Moscow. He taught at the Kharkov Art Institute 1933-34; at the Kiev Art Institute from 1934; was head of creative studios of  The USSR Academy of Arts, Kiev, from 1962. He became a Soviet academician 1953/54, was awarded Stalin Prizes in 1950, 195, and most importantly the title of 'People's Artist of the USSR' 1974. Sergei A. Grigoriev. People's Artist of the Soviet Union and member of the USSR Academy of Arts, played a major role in the formation of the Soviet Ukraine's school of art as an outstanding painter and teacher.

Sergei Alekseevich Grigoriev, (1910- 1988)

Sergei Grigoriev was born in Lugansk, Ukraine in 1910. He studied at the Zaporozhe Arts and Crafts School from 1923-26. After finishing the school, he moved to Moscow to continue his studies at the Higher Artistic and Technical Workshops, VKHUTEMAS,1926-27. Later he attended the Kiev Art Institute 1928-32. Upon graduation from the institute, he moved to Kharkov where he took up work as a poster painter and book illustrator with the Mistetstvo Publishing house.

In 1933, Grigoriev was asked to teach at the Kharkov Art Institute, first as an assistant in the drawing workshop of Vasili Kasiyan, later in the painting workshop of Professor Krichevsky.

In 1934 when Kiev became the capital of the Ukrainian Republic, Grigoriev accepted a teaching position at the Kiev Art Institute.

In the early 1930s, Grigoriev became greatly involved with plein-air painting. In addition to many landscapes of the Dnieper region, he was also doing nudes. Beginning in the late 1930s, he gradually emerged as a lyrical painter. In his portraits, genres pictures and landscapes, he created images filled with humaneness and harmony with the surrounding world.

He began exhibiting in 1932. Important shows include 'Twenty Years of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army', Moscow, 1938; 'Industry of Socialism', Moscow, 1939; 'All Union Art Exhibition', Moscow, 1947, 1949, 1950, 1951 and 1955. From the late 1930s, he gradually emerged as a lyrical painter. In his portraits, genres pictures and landscapes, he created images filled with humaneness and harmony with the surrounding world.

In the winter of 1940 Grigoriev was called up for the military service. At the outbreak of war in 1941 he joined the Communist Party. During this time, he did hardly any painting.

In the late 1940s, he established himself in Soviet painting as a mature master of multi-figural, complex compositions.

In the 1950s Grigoriev concentrated on multi-figural genre compositions built around dramatic or conflictual subjects. He is especially concerned with problems of the education of children and youth, the building of their characters and social outlooks.

In 1951 Grigoriev received the USSR State Prize for his picture Discussion of the Failing Mark. Also in that year he was made People's Artist of the Ukrainian Republic. Three years later, the painter was elected corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Arts, and in 1958 he became full member of the Academy.

Sergei A. Grigoriev. People's Artist of the Soviet Union and member of the USSR Academy of Arts, played a major role in the formation of the Soviet Ukraine's school of art as an outstanding painter and teacher. His works are included in many museums including the Kiev Museum of Ukrainian Art and The Tretyakov Gallery Moscow. His art was inseparably linked with the life of his people and in his faith in the tremendous transformative potential of socialist art.

Olya Cheney, Exhibition of New Works Continues!!

2122"Olya Cheney & Tom McCartheyA big thank you to everyone who joined us last month for the opening of Olya Cheney's exhibition. Olya is one the Gallery's favorite and best selling artists. Out of the more than 20 new works, only a few are left. The exhibition runs through mid-September.

Olya is a delightful blend of East and West-- an ideal match for the Gallery. Olya is a Russian-born artist who now lives and paints in Utah! New works from her include many well-known landmarks from around Park City and several noted landscapes of the Wasatch Mountains and Southern Utah.

Born Olga Alexandrovna Kovalova in 1972 in Semipalatinsk, Shyghys Qazaqstan, Kazakhstan, Olya has always harbored a love of art.  Living in such places as Kazakhstan, Russia, Sakhalin Island (above Japan), California, and now Utah, Olya has developed an exceptionally unique and often times breath-taking artistic style.

"Big Cottonwood Canyon Lake", 24'' x 36'', 2014, Oil on Canvas, $2,200
22"Autumn Panorama, Park City", 24'' x 36'', 2014, Acrylic on Canvas, $2,550
"Park City Ski Resort", 18'' x 24'', 2014, Oil on Canvas, $1,300
4"Patch of Blue Sky", 8'' x 10'', 2014, Oil on Canvas, $600

Russian & Soviet Impressionism
Russia's Rich Cultural Heritage

impressionism-homeRussia's rich cultural heritage represents the best of human creativity. Its literature, music, visual and performing arts and architecture are among the most profound, compelling and beautiful expressions of the human spirit.

Much of this rich heritage is well known in the United States, such as the writing of Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky, the music of Peter Tchaikovsky, Serge Prokofiev and Igor Stravinsky, the painting of Ilya Repin and Vassily Kadinsky, the architecture of the Kremlin and State Hermitage Museum and the dance of the Bolshoi Ballet.

Less well known in this tradition of creativity is the painting of the Russian Impressionist period, lasting from approximately 1930 to 1980. Russian Impressionism made an important contribution to the cultural heritage of Russia, but until recently, little has been known of its beauty and quality and its leading artists because of Soviet isolationism. During this period much of the cultural life in the Communist Soviet Union was denied Western exposure. The demise of Communism, the lifting of the Iron Curtain and the movement towards freedom and democracy of the newly formed Commonwealth of Independent States has allowed the world the opportunity to experience a unique and important historical past through the art work.

It is now being collected and recognized by art historians, museum directors, curators and collectors as some of the best art produced in the twentieth century. 

"Soviet Impressionism"- Vern G. Swanson

From a unique set of circumstances that would be impossible to duplicate, Soviet Art from 1930 to 1980 was the 20th century's major realist school of painting. It powerfully expresses itself with a simple clarity of pictorial language, consummate adeptness and truthful portrayal of life. The Soviet artist acted as a willing collaborator with and portrayer of the aspirations of society. This contrasted with Western models where artists were typically alienated from their community. Acceptance will come, using the Soviet phrase, because it is "historically inevitable". It is already to a certain extent here with the pictures from the period increasingly passing through the sale rooms of Europe and North America. This book should give wider understanding of this underrated but artistically exciting movement in Soviet art.

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New Works- Margarita Kolobova

2027Margarita Kolobova was born in 1983 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. From 2000 till 2005 she studied in Rostov College of Fine Arts (named after M.B.Grekov). She worked as a designer and illustrator of "Donskaya Arkheologia" journal and its web-site. She also worked as artifact illustrator on several archaeological projects. In 2006 Margarita entered the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Here she studies till today.

The Russian Academy of Arts, informally known as the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, was founded in 1757 by Ivan Shuvalov under the name Academy of the Three Noblest Arts. Catherine the Great renamed it the Imperial Academy of Arts and commissioned a new building, completed 25 years later in 1789 by the Neva River. The academy promoted the neoclassical style and technique, and sent its promising students to European capitals for further study. Training at the academy was virtually required for artists to make successful careers.

2017Kolobova, Margarita,"Arkhyz", 13¾'' x 17¾'', 2014, Oil on Canvas, $1,700

Formally abolished in 1918 after the Russian Revolution, the academy was renamed several times. It established free tuition; students from across the country competed fiercely for its few places annually. In 1947 the national institution was moved to Moscow, and much of its art collection was moved to the Hermitage. The building in Leningrad was devoted to the Ilya Repin Leningrad Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, named in honor of one of Russia's foremost realist artists. Since 1991 it has been called the St. Petersburg Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.


 Kolobova, Margarita, "Prchan", 19¾'' x 27½'', 2012, Oil on Canvas, $2,500

2024Kolobova, Margaritam "Boats", 23½'' x 31½'', 2012, Oil on Canvas, $2,500


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